We are proud to have forged relationships with each of our worldwide manufacturing partners – and carefully allocate the production of our items based on each factory’s area of expertise. Our beautiful accessories are constructed by skilled artisans, possessing decades of experience many of whom learned their craft from the generations before them. We are confident that the utmost attention to detail goes into making each item which passes through a series of human hands, not just an assembly line of automated machines


Our leathers, fabrics and components are sourced from premium quality suppliers from around the world. We are conscious about the processes by which our raw materials are derived and do our best to select items which adhere to formulations that are eco-friendly. Leather we use is considered a bi-product of the food industry – and we will never use exotic animals raised solely for their skin. All “hair-on” styles are from Bovine (cow) origin and exotic patterns are embossed and printed to replicate the look of snake, crocodile and other animals.