In general, it is recommended that your de Groot leather accessory is taken to a reputable cleaner who specializes in leather or an experienced shoemaker. Above all else, we advise limiting the exposure of your accessory to water and moisture.


Hair-on hide styles are prone to having variations within the hide. These are not defects, but rather the natural unique properties of each hide. No two hair-on hide styles will look exactly the same. Although the hair-on is quite resilient, these styles may be prone to thinning caused by friction over time. To keep your item looking new, we recommend exercising care when wearing and avoid unnecessary friction against clothing when possible. To clean, simply wipe the hide with a damp cloth. Do not use leather cleaner. Please note: Many of the hair-on styles feature natural color markings of the animal. Therefore, each one will look unique and may include subtle differences from the item photographed on the site.


Many of the beautiful properties of leather become more visible as they age. Handling the leather item and wear will allow nuances to be exposed. Naked or untreated leathers can also be prone to water damage and staining, so it is recommended to treat such leathers with a protectant. Avoid using sprays that might damage metal hardware or leave a residue. Always avoid applying protectant to hardware or areas of ornamentation.


It is recommended that suede items are treated with a spray-on suede protector. Be sure to test the spray on the smallest, least visible part of the item first before treating the entire item. Avoid exposing hardware areas to the spray. A suede brush can also be used to gently resurface the texture of the suede.


Patent leather is very resilient due to its processing and finish. A damp cloth can be used to wipe the surface of the item if cleaning or a slight polishing is required. The use any type of leather spray or protector is not recommended – as this may actually dull the finish